Thursday, August 5, 2010

An Early Start

Couple of sheets from a newspaper were blown across the grimy wet streets and were plastered to the gray wall between the main windows of the doughnut shop and the travel agency. Now they had found a home and the wind wasn’t strong enough to send them on a fresh journey. Chancing the extinguishing of my cigarette, I moved closer to make out one of the headlines because the word FRAUD had caught my eye, but it was the same old shit. Someone who thought he deserved more than he had earned had tried to correct his situation to his own point of view. I needed a place to stay, to get out of the cold rainy night, and any place would do if it fit within my budget. As I rechecked the number of smokes left in the crushed little packet, I asked myself again, “why couldn’t I have been born clever, and turned it into resourcefulness?”

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