Saturday, June 5, 2010


I had had feelings on which I had not acted. Then, I had suspicions of some kind of science-fiction/fantasy plot moving in on me. I was thinking about crystals and tricks of light, and I couldn’t concentrate on my work. There were so many things I wanted to do and felt I should do to set things straight in my head, but in the end I didn’t do any of them.
My friend has let it be known I am an old friend or acquaintance from the neighborhood he left behind. I do not yet walk on solid ground. He has given me some of the pieces from his portfolio to use as my own. A blood transfusion with a mismatched type could prove fatal. Many parts seem to fit, but eventually, I will have to go forth on my own merit.
I’m not afraid, merely uncertain. I’m looking for my own voice, and never having had one, I do not know what it sounds like.
I need to find Diana, for though she does not want me, I know I could learn from her smooth functioning.
Why, oh why, did the network announce their plans to start charging? He drew her back, and claimed what was his to place elsewhere. If I prove myself, I am certain he will set her free again. Her hatred of me is only for verisimilitude, and not so deeply entrenched. We belong together.
If I repeat that to myself often enough, I will come to believe it.

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